I help organizations & people make the next step.

By doing this people become happier at work.

Does your organization face problems with empowering teams? Do your co-workers feel unhappy? Are you struggling with management and leadership?

I can help you. My name is Ralph van Roosmalen, and I have more than 20 years of experience with Agile, Scrum, and modern management.

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"Use Ralph when you want facilitation with a pragmatic approach where the actual meeting or plan isn’t yet concrete, but the goal is. He will get you there, in a relaxed, comfortable, and professional way."

Michelle Siau
Agile Transformation coach at VodafoneZiggo

"He helped us to gain more insights into how we use Scrum and how to improve. He helped the teams by organizing sessions that highlighted specific aspects of the Scrum process, which teams experienced as very useful and informative."

Marloes van Uffelen
Operations Manager, VI Company

"In the role of Agile coach, he made our scrum teams develop towards mature self-organized teams. Prime focus was to implement the Agile way of work. Ralph facilitated this process with focus, a broad variety of work methods and created a steady flow in the process."

Jan Toes
Transition Manager, Noordhoff Uitgevers

"Ralph came to help us to get cadence in our SOC building activities and he did a great job. He also recommended implementing Management 3.0 concepts and exercises to have a better dynamic inside the team. I found this really valuable."

Arturo Cedillo
Team Lead Security Operations Center, Philips

"In the Transformation of The technology Office of KPN Ralph helped us find our way by being Agile (True Lead by example); Trying out ways of working and practices that made our great people more independent.

Suzanne Kelder
Transformation lead Technology Office, KPN

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