Agile Coach

Agile is cool, a lot of companies say they are agile. But what is Agile? Is Agile doing Scrum as described in the Official Scrum Guide? Is begin Agile that all Scrum Masters are certified at or should they be certified at Do Lean and Agile conflict? And what about XP, where did XP go? And if you are not Agile, how do you become Agile?

So many terms, tools, sites, blogs, it is easy to get lost in all this.

In the end one of the most important goals is to delight the clients. In the end it is not about Scrum, XP, vs, doing or not doing estimations. It is about having happy employees and happy clients.

I have more than 15 years experience in Agile Software Development. I have been an official Certified Scrum Master since 2006. At Planon, I was responsible for one of the first Agile Test implementations in The Netherlands at an Independent Software Vendor. The setup and experiences of this implementation are described in the book “Testen 2.0 – De praktijk van Agile Testen” of Anko Tijman. At RES Software, I set up the Distributed development teams using Scrum and good practices from the Agile and Lean community.

Additionally, I implemented the use of story points, introduced planning poker and set up numerous metrics around this, have been coaching Scrum Masters, and introducing new concepts within companies. For example, to learn people about Scrum, and more important to have them experience Scrum, I have developed the Workshop Getting Started with Scrum. Using Lego to let people experience the basics of Scrum.

I help people and organizations to become (more) agile, where for me one of the core values of Agile is: Inspect and Adapt. Services I offer are the Experience Scrum workshop, Scrum Master training and coaching.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me.