Agile Holland 2008

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This is a presentation that Maarten Smeets and I gave at Agile Holland 2008.

The idea was to let the audience decide the which subjects we should present. We just asked in which items they were interested, sorted the items based on interest. Every item was presented in a timebox of approx. five minutes.

The presentation is already two years old, a lot changed during those two years. If you would like to know more about a topic just send me an email.[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”present/embed” query=”id=dgbfx6nh_435jnw7fmgd” width=”410″ height=”342″ /]

Below is the description of the session on the site of

Who are we to determine what you would like to know… isn’t the product owner not responsible for the return on investment? The audience has the role of product owner, Maarten Smeets and Ralph van Roosmalen will play the team. They will transfer the product backlog items into value for the product owner.

The content of the presentation is determined by the audience. We offering the following subjects and the audience should create a ranking. The product backlog items are:
  • Release management
  • Requirement Management
  • Agile Testing
  • Retrospectives
  • Scrum and the impact on the rest of the organisation
  • Department structure and Scrum
  • Distributed Scrum
  • Tools
  • How is Scrum implemented at Planon
Planon started with Scrum in 2005. They have a rich experience on several aspects of Agile Software Development, from requirement management until releasing a new software release.

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