Agile Testing doesn’t exist

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Agile testing…. hmmm what should I say about agile testing. I always try to prevent the term Agile Testing. Why, I believe the term doesn’t exist.

Agile software development is for me, a process of specification, programming and testing. There is no such as Agile Specification or Agile Programming. If you implement Agile Development, you implement all aspects of software development in an Agile environment.

So Agile development, implicit means Agile Specification, Agile Programming and Agile testing. I don’t think you can do agile testing in a waterfall environment, of course you can use some aspect of testing in an agile environment like ET testing or a lot of test automation.

What is my point? Nothing special, however next time I will skip the part that I explain that Agile Testing doesn’t exist when you ask me how we do agile testing 😉


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