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The Management 3.0 Team released a new game to their webshop a few weeks ago. The Change Management Game. As facilitator and coach, I really like to use the game. During workshops and also during the coaching of teams. It is a great way to have valuable conversations about change projects. And is not everything a change project in the end?

Cards Change Management Game

I used the game also in my last Lean Change Management Workshop. I would like to share with you how the attendees played the game and had good discussions about their Change Challenges. Maybe it can inspire you also to use the game.

First, make sure you have a copy of the Change Management Game. You can download and print it yourself, or just buy the official game.

You can play this version of the game with 3-6 people. Make sure every player has a personal Change Challenge, or make sure there is a common Change Challenge.

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Shuffle the deck, and give each player three cards. The players should put the cards face down in front of them. The cards left, go on a stack, also face down.

Pick a player who will start. She or he turns around his first card and readouts the text on the card. The player should try to answer the card. If the other players agree the player answered the question correctly, she or he can put the card aside. The player has two cards left. If the other players think the question is not answered correctly, she or he should put the card aside and takes a new card from the deck. The new card should also be face down. Next is the player left of the first player.

The player who gets rid of his cards first wins, or you end when you run out of time. I would use a time box of 45-60 minutes maximum. In the end the most value is of course the discussions about the questions.

Let me know, did this game work for you? What did you like or dislike?

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