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At our company, we are looking for new colleagues. We have already spoken to many candidates and unfortunately rejected most of them. We believe you should always try to find the right people. We can teach new colleagues how we test, how we deliver support, how we develop software but we it’s very hard to change the people themselves. Finding the right people is also mentioned in the book “From Passion Capital: The World’s Most Valuable Asset” and in the book “Good to Great”.

RES Software is not a very well-known brand name in the software development community in the Netherlands. Dutch Developers, Testers, Technical Writers don’t know that RES is a great company to work for. The people working at RES are ambassadors and wherever they can, they explain why RES is such a great company to work for.

During recruitment, we go beyond the standard questions. We ask really hard questions about a personality test. We have a workshop that takes half a day and really challenges the candidates. The recruitment procedure is hard work for candidates. Additionally, we try to show during the recruitment that it is also a great experience to work for RES.

When we reject people they all give as the feedback they understand the decision, find our recruitment procedure very professional and experienced that RES is a great company to work for!

The last months we have rejected several candidates, for different reasons (lack of knowledge or not the right people) or some accepted another job offer because they had not much affinity with our products. However, what is important for us is that they became ambassadors for RES! When they see or hear the name RES, they know and will say it is linked to a professional and great organization to work for.

A good recruitment process is important to find the right people. However, an important sub-goal is to make sure everyone who applies for a job and is rejected becomes an ambassador for RES Software.


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