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This is probably my last post of 2016. In total I wrote 12 blogpost so far. Explaining Management 3.0, trying to explain why I don’t want to implement the Spotify model but also describing how to create an auto-reply script in GMail.

Let’s close the year with just a small and easy to read blog post. Some of my friends work in construction, they have a van fully loaded with tools and materials. Every year we participate in the local Carnaval parade, we build a small carriage. Having friends with a van full of tools and materials is very handy 🙂

I don’t have a van but everywhere I go, I take my rucksack with me. The rucksack contains my tools and materials.

So which tools and materials do I drag with me all over the world?

  1. I love my ASUS Zenbook UX305CA with Windows 10, it is fast, doesn’t weigh much and is a slim model. As good or maybe better than the MacBook Air 😉
  2. In-Earphone AKG K330, I use them when I really don’t want to be disturbed or when in the airplane
  3. Stereo earphones with hands-free microphone and a multifunction button that came with my Nexus 5x
  4. PUGZ earphones (leaking) with a microphone. I love them they are wireless and can be charged via your phone. You can connect the earphones also to two devices, so in my case to my phone and laptop
  5.  My Nexus 7 (2013) tablet, a great device for when you are on the road and want to do some emails or just watch a movie
  6. With the Zenbook comes of course also an adapter 🙂
  7. Business cards, although I immediately connect on LinkedIn, scan the received card into Evernote. But it feels nice to be able to give something
  8. World famous in the Netherlands, the dopper. A water bottle
  9. Rabo Scanner gives access to the secure environment of Rabobank
  10. Two USB sticks, still need them to transfer files when there is no Wifi
  11. Mini HDMI to HDMI, my laptop has a mini HDMI…. love it… so many different standards
  12. HDMI to VGA
  13. Logitech wireless presenter R400, a must when you do workshops or talks at conferences
  14. Logitech Keyboard K810, again a great device. You can connect it to three devices, and switch very easily to another device
  15. A first aid set, I have a first aid certificate and I always have basic first aid with me
  16. Pens and pencils, a small marker and some pens
  17. Paracetamol, just in case I need them. Thank god I don’t need them often.
  18. Chewing gum, not sure why… I never eat chewing gum 🙂
  19. Small can of deodorant, just happy that I have it with me sometimes
  20. Tissues, I regular spoil coffee 😉
  21. Logitech Performance Mouse MX, yep I also came to that conclusion. I like Logitech stuff. Wireless mouse and also to charge via USB. Furthermore, it fits my big hands 🙂
  22. Jabra Speak 510, I often have a virtual meeting also with multiple people. Unfortunately, I still see many meeting rooms with bad equipment. The Jabra speak 510 has a very good quality, and also the price is good
  23. An HDMI mini HDMI cable… just hoping that most projectors nowadays have an HDMI connection
  24. I know myself… so that is why I keep my passport in my rucksack… so I always have my passport with me when I travel for business. So far I never forgot my passport
  25. Whiteboard markers… just do me one pleasure. Next time you have a whiteboard marker that doesn’t work, throw it away immediately
  26. An adapter from HDMI to VGA, the small connector doesn’t work always. This small box works perfectly and saved already a few times my facilitators-life
  27. Notebook, I always make my notes on paper. I tried to do it digitally, doesn’t work for me. After the meeting, I do scan all my notes, ask me about a meeting and I will look up the handwritten notes in Evernote
  28. Two plugs to charge my devices
  29. A small powerpack with a cable to make sure my phone can survive the day when I am traveling
  30. Three USB cables, two USB-micro and one USB-C… all those different connectors…
  31. An access card of an old project of many years ago… just a nice memory, I still need to return it but they already moved to a new building
  32. Two sets of Moving motivators cards, I assume I don’t need to explain why…
  33. Two sets of Delegation Poker cards, I assume I don’t need to explain why…
  34. As for last one, some flyers and brochures to promote Management 3.0 workshops

That is it… so next time you see me dragging around that rucksack you know what is in it.


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