STOP your Agile Transformation…

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Agile Transformation, Digital Transformation, Agile Change, Agile Transition, etc. etc… and you probably know some more terms that describe the same. All those buzz words have one thing in common; they assume a beginning and an end of something.

After being in business for almost 23 years, I realize there is one sure thing… change does not end. Change is continuous and everything in the world is connected more and more.  Most of us grew up without WiFi, and now we have the option of being online 24/7.

Therefore, it is nonsense to say you are going to make an Agile transformation, except when you transform to become an organization that can deal with continuous change. Next time you hear the word transformation, ask if it implies that they will be ready for the constant change.

The other word that more and more people are using for everything is Agile. Everything has to be agile nowadays. Agile HR, Agile Management, AgileMarketing, Agile Sales, etc. Is Agile a buzzword? Yes and no. Yes, it seems we use Agile for everything, too much, in my opinion.  And yes, I also use it in my marketing because it does sell. However, I also believe in five to ten years, we won’t use the word anymore.

I have two daughters who are both still studying and will probably start to work in five to eight years. When they go to work, they’ll just catch up with colleagues every day. They’ll look for lessons-learned and try to make the best plan every two weeks. These days we would call it an “Agile” way of working; they will just call it working. How else should we deal with all the changes, they would ask. Where continuous change is so much a part of their work life that they won’t even be aware of it anymore.

Calling things Agile sometimes is OK, but please don’t use the word for everything. Sometimes it is not Agile but rather common sense. And if you want to use buzzwords, maybe use terms like NextGen, Modern or Inspiring?


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