Testing and Scrum

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Here you can find a link to a presentation I gave during the Scrum Falls in London in November 2007 or just watch the presentation below.

Below is a short description of the presentation.

Scrum is a project management framework; it doesn’t contain any developer or test practices. In most companies Scrum is used in combination with XP, Scrum is used for project management and XP practices are used to guide development.

If you’re a traditional tester and you start in a project that is going to use or is using scrum you will have a hard time to find out what you have to do. Scrum doesn’t say anything about testing and XP does say something about testing but it is not a guidebook for a tester.

I want to share our test experiences with the audience, we use scrum for two years and I think we have a good test process that is interesting for everyone who is involved in building software.

In this presentation, I will share our experience from Planon about testing and scrum. I want to answer the following questions:

  • Do you need specialized testers in Scrum;
  • How did we introduce testers in the development teams;
  • What is the role of the tester in our team;
  • How do you recruit testers for a Scrum team;
  • How you do organize the testers over the teams;
  • Do you write a (master) test plan?
  • What about formal testing techniques in Scrum;
  • What kind of test automation harness do we use;
  • How do we report about testing;

The audience will have good overview of the test activities we do at Planon and will get tips how to improve the testing process in their own projects.


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