Why Management 3.0?

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Many organizations are changing their way of working. Many organizations are changing their organizational structure to support their new way of working. Some organizations are just changing because they think they need to follow other organizations. Let’s not talk about those organizations.

The organizations that are changing the way of working and organizational structure have many challenges. Workers often need to change their mindset. They need to be happy and motivated. Teams need to be empowered. Learn how to self-organize and make their own decisions. The organization needs to be clearly aligned with clear goals. Metrics need to be in place to learn. Values need to be reviewed, and come alive, not just wallpaper. People and teams need to take control of their own competence development. People need to learn to give each other feedback and also how to process the feedback. Organizations need to change their structure. Move to network organizations in some places, but also keep a lean governance structure in place. Leaders need to develop themselves, develop their Emotional Intelligence. The people and organizations need to improve themselves continuously. They need to create a safe environment where people can safely learn and experiment. Change is required to realize all of the above.

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In the old organizations, we looked at managers to get this done. An impossible job. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention that in all those changes, we also minimize managers because we believe managers are not needed anymore.


What is the most important task of managers? Yep, management, simple. That is why we call them managers. Is management something that can be done by only managers? No! Everyone in an organization can take responsibility in management, everyone can do management.

If you keep using the same tools, it is hard to build something different or new. To realize all those changes, you need to start using different tools. Different tools can help you to create different results!

I met a lot of people who never heard of Management 3.0. What is Management 3.0? New management tools that allow many people to deal with all the challenges I described above!

Management 3.0 is all about redefining leadership to create happier people and successful organizations. It is about engaging people and their interaction. Making sure the system keeps improving. Trying to make all people involved happy. Don’t tell people what to do, but create a system where they can manage themselves, and all this we try to realize together.

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