Book “Doing It – Management 3.0”

Stories about the actual pitfalls and benefits when applying Management 3.0 ideas and practices

Management 3.0 Book "Doing it" by Ralph van Roosmalen
The Management 3.0 Book “Doing It” about Management 3.0 experiences

I help people and organizations learn about Management 3.0. I do this, for example, by facilitating the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop and coaching leaders in applying Management 3.0 Practices.

One of the questions I get very often, is: “OK Ralph, great stuff, but how do I put his all to use?” My answer, of course, always is: “Well it depends…”

I do understand, however, that people would like to hear stories about personal experiences. Stories about the actual pitfalls and benefits when applying Management 3.0 ideas and practices.

“In 150 pages, he offers many examples of how Management 3.0 practices can be applied, and he tells stories of what he did in certain circumstances. What a great gift!”

Jurgen Appelo

A book on Management 3.0 experiences

To answer that question, I wrote a book: Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences. The book details and reflects on my personal experiences adopting and implementing Management 3.0. The mistakes I made and the successes I achieved. I wrote them down primarily because I like to help people and organizations get started with Management 3.0 as well.

This Management 3.0 book is available for free as a download in PDF, in English, Spanish French, Russian and even Chinese. The only thing I ask you is to register yourself and I will add you to my mailing list. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

“I’m a big fan and preacher of Management 3.0, and found your book (which I just finished) to be excellent! “

Dov Tsal, Agile Transformation Coach at Krungthai-AXA Bangkok

How to read this Management 3.0 Book?

It depends on what your goal is. You can read the book chapter by chapter, and in the end you will have a very good idea of what Management 3.0 is about. You will learn both theory and how to implement differ practices. Another way to read this Management 3.0 book is to pick up the chapters based on the book “Managing for Happiness”. Take the book and rad about a tool or practice and then use “Doing It!” to learn how to implement this certain Management 3.0 practice.

In case you want to read the book on your Kindle, click here to buy the book via You can also buy the paperback version here if you prefer a physical book.

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