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What is this? Who is it for?

The Scrum checklist is a simple tool to help you get started with Scrum, or assess your current implementation of Scrum. It is based on the Scrum Checklist of Henrik Kniberg, I have added one section: Distributed Scrum.


Note that these aren’t rules. They are guidelines. A team of two might decide to skip the daily Scrum, since they are pair programming all day anyway and might not need a separate meeting to synchronize. Fine. Then they have intentionally skipped a Scrum practice but ensured that the underlying purpose of the scrum practice has been fulfilled in another way. That is what counts! ”

If you are doing Scrum it might be interesting to have the team go through this list at a retrospective. As a discussion tool, not an evaluation tool.

Is this an official checklist? No. The checklist reflects mainly Henrik personals & subjective opinion about what really matters in Scrum. He has spent years helping companies get started with Scrum and met hundreds of other practitioners, trainers, and coaches; and he has found that checklists like this can be helpful, if used correctly.

To use this checklist correctly, if possible fill it in with your team or other Scrum Masters. Another option is to fill in the list individually and then compare the outcome with your team members. You will see differences that is when it gets interesting. Start talking about the differences, why are they there? Furthermore, this checklist is the start of a discussion! As described in the second paragraph, based only this checklist you can’t judge a Scum implementation. If judging a Scrum implementation is already possible 😉

To use it, just go to the sheet Input and mark your “score”. When everything is filled in correctly, all red crosses will be green. Simple as that, just like Scrum. Scrum is dead simple… However, implementing it can be a bit more challenging 😉

But you are just using Henrik Scrum Checklist and pretending it is yours? No, I am not. Henrik made it, but everyone is free to use it, distribute it, and improve it as long as you mention the original one if from Henrik. I created an excel file around it and added the Distributed sections.

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