Upcoming Book: The Art of Teams!

Great Teams don’t happen by accident! You need to create the conditions to set up a team for success. Based on academic research, best and good practices, and my own experiences, I identified six components that are there in successful teams. Successful teams…

  1. Have Clarity
  2. Understand their Impact
  3. Have Trust
  4. Have Conflicts
  5. Are Reliable
  6. Care about Results
Bookcover The Art of Teams

In my upcoming book, the Art of Teams, I will describe the six components, and more importantly, share practices that you can really use! A new model is nice but the question is always how to make it happen! I describe the model and give you hands-on tips, as also practices.

A new practice in this book for example is the Conflict Manifesto. As a team, it is important to accept and realize conflicts will happen. If there would be no conflicts, something is weird in the team. Therefore I believe it is important to talk about conflicts with the team. Let the team understand conflicts will happen, that conflicts don’t have to be bad, and explain the different types of conflicts. A first step could be to discuss the Team Conflict Manifest.

We believe conflicts can be beneficial for our team and the value we create. We are not afraid of conflicts, don’t avoid them but we embrace them. Conflicts are an opportunity to grow and learn as individual team members and as a team. During conflicts, we will always keep in mind that conflicts help us to increase the value we create as a team. During conflicts, we will respect other team members and keep the communication going.

Conflict Manifesto – Ralph van Roosmalen

Print the Team Conflict Manifest on nice paper and discuss how they feel about the manifest. How do they feel about conflicts? Tell them it is OK not to like them. It is OK to have emotions during a conflict, but always keep in mind conflicts will support the team.

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