Improve Efficiency Organizations using Management 3.0

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The world is changing fast. Innovation is going faster and faster. New startups can compete with any organization. The world is getting more complex every day. Learn how to improve the efficiency of the organization using Management 3.0 practices.

Organizations are struggling with this new reality. Traditional organizations are having a hard time dealing with this new reality. For example, managers often make day-to-day decisions, who often need to get the approval of their managers first. This way of working is causing too many delays in the daily operation.

As a Project Manager, Product Owner, Manager, or CFO, you need to deal with this new reality. Support your organization, find the right balance between control and empowering.

Management 3.0 can help organizations to be ready for the new world. Management 3.0 is not a framework or a set of rules that need to be implemented. It is a set of practices that can help an organization empower teams and individuals. Management 3.0 is not about just giving everyone in your organization all authority to do everything. It is about setting clear constraints and expectations for teams and individuals to empower them as much as needed to empower the organization as a whole.

What is Management 3.0 efficiency about

  1. Energize People, learn everything about how to engage and motivate your people. Learn about the tools Moving Motivators and the 12 steps to Happiness
  2. Empower Teams, find out how to delegate and empower your teams without giving them a gold card to do everything they want. Learn how to provide self-managing teams a tool to clarify how decisions are made and avoid confusion. Learn about tools like Delegation Board and Team Decision Matrix.
  3. Align Constraints, discover how to set clear goals and constraints in your organization. A new way of working does not imply there are no goals and metrics anymore. Learn about the 12 rules for good metrics and how to set challenging goals in a modern way.
  4. Develop Competence, learn how to support your organization in developing new skills and competencies. Use the Team Competency Matrix to support teams in creating a learning plan.
  5. Grow Structure, growing an organization is a challenge, and you need to decide where to focus. Focus on efficiency or effectiveness, or create an organization based on a hierarchy or a network? In Grow Structure, you learn about safely working out multiple grow scenarios and finding the right balance between different organizational models.
  6. Improve Everything, learn how to keep the organization ready for the future, and keep learning and improving. In the view Improve Everything, you will learn how to support teams in learning from failures and success. Learn how to use the Celebration Grid to focus on teaching moments.


Management 3.0 is for all people involved in management and leadership. Roles who often attend a Management 3.0 workshop are:

  • Team leads
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Project Manages
  • Product Owners
  • Program Managers
  • Release Train Engineers
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Chief Operational Officer (COO)

Efficiency benefits of Management 3.0

Graph on the effects of improve Efficiency of Organizations using Management 3.0

Researchers found that managers have multiple advantages for empowering teams and people:

  • Quality of services is improved in a majority of organizations;
  • Productivity is improved in many organizations;
  • Teams with clear goals perform better as teams with vague goals;
  • Many companies investigated reported that profitability and competitiveness have improved;
  • It often improves worker satisfaction;
  • A trigger to improve quality of life at work.

Preparing your organizations and teams for the future is hard work, and Management 3.0 is not a silver bullet. However, it has many tools that will help and support you in this journey.

Want to learn more?

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