Masterclass Leading Distributed Teams

  • Virtual Teams, Remote Teams, Distributed Teams. What is the difference?
  • Leading and Managing distributed Teams. Is it different than leading and managing co-located teams?
  • Working from home is just doing the same as in the office. Is it, or does it offer new possibilities?

Many teams have moved from co-located to a distributed setup in days because of COVID-19. For many people moving to a distributed setup was a big step, and they struggle every day with the new reality.

In this Masterclass, we combine the best of the new module Remote Teams of Management 3.0, with the best tools and tips from the workshop Working Together Anywhere from Collaboration Superpowers! 

You will learn about:

  • How to facilitate and setup distributed meetings as a real pro
  • How to lead and manage teams
  • The maturity model for distributed teams
  • Tips from the most experienced distributed teams

It will be an interactive workshop, with break out rooms and discussion in smaller groups.

Practical Details

  • 2,5 hours, Amsterdam timezone
  • Make sure you can attend the Masterclass from a relatively quiet place
  • Have a stable internet connection and at least 10mbps
  • We will use Zoom, make sure you test your setup before the Masterclass
  • A Management 3.0 Certificate is included, you can't become facilitator Management 3.0 or Working Together Anywhere after attending this workshop
  • Invoicing will be done before the workshop
  • Management 3.0 Supporters get a discount
July 2, 2020 10:00—12:30 CEST