Fundamentals Plus Workshop


Fundamentals Plus Workshop

Utrecht, Netherlands
December 3, 09:00 — 17:00 CET

The Fundamentals Plus Workshop is the next step after you attended the Fundamentals Online Workshop. It is a one-day in-person workshop, covering Foundation topics plus even more!

The Fundamentals Plus Workshop is created for people who want to learn more about Management 3.0. Who want to deepen their knowledge and also want to act as a coach or a facilitator!

The main topics of this workshop are:

  1. Introduction - Look back and reflect on using Management 3.0 practices
  2. Empower Teams - Teams!
  3. Align Constraints - Values and Culture
  4. Develop Competence - Learning and Competencies
  5. Grow Structure - Scaling Organizational Structure

By learning about these modules you learn about all the Management 3.0 Views.

First, we look back on the things you tried out. We will use the practice Celebration Grid to reflect on your learnings. As also learn from the other attendees in the workshop.

The Teams! module is new. Learn about how to create teams that are successful! It gives you in-depth knowledge of some of the new Management 3.0 practices. The Diversity Index and Team Decision Matrix are discussed in this module. 

The next three modules (Values & Culture, Learning & Competencies, Scaling Organizational Structure) are Foundation modules and ensure attendees learn about all the Management 3.0 Views. Practices discussed in these modules are Value Stories, Team Competency Matrix, and the Meddlers Game.

Some practical details

  • We start at 9:00 and end around 17:00
  • You first need to attend the Fundamentals Online Workshop first
  • Attending the one-day Fundamentals Plus Workshop, in combination with firstly attending the Fundamentals Online Workshop will allow attendees to become a facilitator
  • We will implement all Covid-19 rules given by the Dutch government

Utrecht, Netherlands
December 3, 09:00 — 17:00 CET
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Ralph van Roosmalen
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