Master Workshop Management 3.0

Management… every organization needs management. The big question is: Does every organization need managers? We believe management is an essential activity in every organization, that important that everyone should take his/her role in management.

More and more organizations are implementing self-organizing and even self-steering teams. It requires that traditional managers need to learn new tools, have a different view on management, and teams need to take responsibility in management also.

You maybe heard about some of the tools of Management 3.0, but never really had time to dive into it, or you are struggling with the tools. The tools are lightweight, easy to use, but can be very powerful. If only you had time to talk about how to use them, and learn from other people.

If one of the above clicks with you… keep on reading!

Ralph van Roosmalen will facilitate a one-day Master Workshop Management 3.0. During this workshop he will talk about the most popular tools of Management 3.0, like Delegation Poker, Moving Motivators and the Change Management Game. Not just the tools, but also the theory behind it, and how to use them in different situations!

During the day we will address the role of managers in modern organizations, what teams can do to support management, different styles of management, and the six views of modern management. The attendees have also a big say in which topics we will discuss during the workshop. As one of the most experienced Management 3.0 facilitators, Ralph is able to adapt to any topic the attendees would like to attend.

At the end of the day, attendees have learned about the most popular tools of Management 3.0. They have a good understanding of how to use them, and where to use them. All attendees will receive copies of the discussed modules, as also an (electronic) copy of the book Doing It by Ralph van Roosmalen. Every attendee will get a Certificat of Attendance.
March 20, 09:00—17:00 CET
Kiev, Ukraine