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To be successful as an organization you need to be able to be agile when needed. It is not about doing Agile practices, it is about being Agile. Being Agile requires a mindset of transparancy, inspect and adapt.

Agile is not just doing Scrum. Scrum is just a tool, a good tool that can help you to deliver value to your customers. Agile is a mindset, where you realize that the organization should deliver value to the customers. A mindset where 100% transparency is the norm, realizing that full transparency will give you maximum possibilities for inspect and adapt.

I don’t believe in blindly implementing Scrum or any other framework. There should be a clear reason why you would like to become Agile, doing Agile because someone else is doing Agile is not a good reason. Sometimes doing not Agile is a perfect approach.

To become Agile you need to be able to understand what begin Agile is. You need to be involved in becoming Agile, and be in the driver’s seat. You should be the owner of the journey, not the (external) coach.

Agile Strides can help your organization to become (more) Agile with Agile Coaching.

  • Coaching of teams how they can improve self-organization and use Agile frameworks and patterns
  • Coaching of Product Owner working in an Agile environment, and how to manage the Product Backlog
  • Coaching of Scrum Masters, how to grow as Scrum Master to a next level and coach teams
  • Coaching of organizations, how to implement Agile processes

Agile Coach Offers

We have many building blocks that can help your organization to become (more) Agile.

Agile & Scrum Training

If you want to become Agile, and use Scrum, it is necessary to understand what Agile is about. As also, what is Scrum about. Agile Strides provides workshops, where people in an interactive way learn about Agile and Scrum.

Large Scale Scrum

I was involved in one of the first large Scrum implementations in the Netherlands. In 2006 we were already working with six Scrum teams, one backlog, distributed teams, and we were adding value for our customers. I am a certified LeSS practitioner, as also facilitator Collaboration Superpowers (Distributed Teams/Remote working)

  • Coaching of teams how to work together in one project
  • Coaching of (Chief) Product Owner, one backlog and multiple teams

Retrospective Workshop

Agile is all about Inspect and Adapt. The backbone of being Agile. I am doing retrospective workshops since 2004. Because of my experience, I have many tools to make a retrospective a fun and valuable experience. It is possible to ask me to facilitate your project retrospective, have an independent facilitator to guide the discussions and discover improvements..

Additionally, I share my activities and experience in workshops How to organize great retrospectives.

Lego Scrum Workshop

Talking about Scrum can be fun, but the best way to experience Scrum is by actually doing it. By using Lego, everyone can experience what Scrum is about. It is a fun and interactive way of learning about Scrum, where several common problems are simulated.

Lean Change Management

Being Agile is all about continuous change. You want to continuously improve your process. Change is hard and difficult. Agile Strides is an official partner of Lean Change Management and provides workshops and coaching in change management.