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To be successful as manager or leader you need to empower your organization. It is not just you who is responsible for good management and leadership. Everyone in the organization can and should contribute.

Organizations need Agile management, there is no organization who can do without management. Management is responsible for making sure people are happy and engaged. Help teams take up responsibility, have the constraints clear what they are allowed to do. Create a culture that everyone is proud of. Set clear goals, and define metrics that add value to the organization. Help teams and individuals develop their knowledge and create an organization where people dare to give and receive feedback from each other. Grow the organization to the next level, keeping agility where needed. Create an organization where innovation and creativity are present. Help the organization learn from mistakes and success.

I don’t believe in a theoretical Agile management training, and a one size fits all for all managers in your organization. As also, it should not just be middle management who is invited for a default training.

As organizations need management, they also need leadership. Managers can be leaders, and leaders can be managers. As everyone is responsible for implementing good management, everyone is also responsible for being a leader. People can be a leader in their own team or profession. Agile leadership is essential for any modern organization.

I can help you developing the Agile Management and Leadership skills of your organization.

How I can help you to enhance your Agile Management and Leadership skills?

I have many tools that can help you to develop the Agile management and Agile leadership skills of your organization.

Agile Management Training: Management 3.0

Management 3.0 is all about Agile Management and Leadership in modern organizations. Agile Strides provide workshops related to Management 3.0 and has extensive experience in applying and coaching Management 3.0 Practices in international environments.

Agile Management Coaching

It is sometimes hard to get feedback from your environment on your behavior as a manager or leader. As it is also difficult sometimes to be open on the challenges you have with your environment. I have extensive knowledge as a manager in different (international) organizations. A coach doesn’t has all the answers but can help you to find the answers.

  • Coaching of teams on management and leadership
  • Coaching of individuals
  • Using practices, patterns and insights from Mangement 3.0 and Sociocracy 3.0

Lean Change Management

Management and leadership is all about change. You want to accomplish a change in behavior, process, or culture. Change is hard and difficult. Agile Strides is an official partner of Lean Change Management and provides workshops and coaching in change management.