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To be ready for the future as organization you need to be able to deal with the Agile mindset, and the new way of working.

The world is changing and organizations need to adapt. Teams are using Agile processes more and more. Team members are working from anywhere and at any time. Human Resources is asked to transform into People Capital. Transformation projects are initiated by managers, to support all of this.

I don’t believe in a massive Digital Transformation project that requires all teams and departments to make big steps in a short time and comply with the standard processes and roles defined by (external) coaches or consultants.

To help you organization to be ready for the future, you need to be in the driver’s seat! The start of continuous change, should be owned by your organization. It should be owned by the people who are affected by the change.

Agile Strides can help you grow and develop your organization.

What I offer in this area is

I have several building blocks that can help you to develop your organization.

Agile HR Trainings

Human Resource or People Capital is often constrained by traditional processes. They are connected to every part of the organization. Therefore perfectly lined up to drive Organizational Development.

Agile Strides official facilitator of Agile People and Management 3.0. Both organizations offer tools and insights into how Agile HR could take the lead in Organizational Development.

Organizational Development Coaching

I believe in Lead by Example. You, as manager, will be the example that your team members will follow. But it is sometimes hard to get feedback from your environment on your behavior as a manager or leader. As it is also difficult sometimes to be open on the challenges you have with your environment. I have extensive knowledge as a manager in different (international) organizations. A coach doesn’t have all the answers but can help you to find the answers.

  • Coaching of managers and leaders
  • Coaching of organizations on the change they are trying to accomplish
  • Using practices and patterns from Management 3.0 and Sociocracy 3.0 to start change,

Lean Change Management

Organizational Development is all about change. You want to accomplish a change in behavior, process, or culture. Change is hard and difficult. Change is also something you can’t plan upfront. Agile Strides is an official partner of Lean Change Management and provides workshops and coaching in change management.

Remote Working

It is hard to find the right people close by. Organizations are growing, and setting up offices in different locations. Remote teams is not just a matter of using Skype for Business. Remote working requires a different mindset, new tools and new hardware. Agile Strides is official facilitator of Collaborations Superpowers.

  • Work Together Anywhere Workshop, online and onsite
  • Coach teams on distributed working
  • Coach managers on how to deal with distributed teams