Summer Masterclass Management 3.0

Level up your leadership skills: Learn everything about the most popular Management 3.0 practices in the upcoming Online Summer Masterclass facilitated by Ralph van Roosmalen.

Ralph van Roosmalen, a content creator at Management 3.0 and author of Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences, is facilitating four sessions on the most interesting topics regarding management and leadership.

Topics to be discussed

  • Empowering your Teams
  • Leading Remote Teams
  • Growing Engagement
  • Leading Change

When you sign up before June 25th, you will get a free ticket for the Forward Webinars 2021 organized by Management 3.0!

Empowering your Teams

In the first session, you will learn all about the challenges related to empowering your teams. We all know that we should delegate as a leader. However, nobody told you how or said it was easy. In this interactive masterclass, we will discuss the challenges and learn from each other. You will learn how to delegate responsibility as a leader to your team and support self-managing teams in their decision process.

Leading Remote Teams

In one year, the world of remote working has changed completely. Most of us were forced to work remotely and struggled to make it work. In this session, you will learn about the four different maturity levels of remote work and how to support your team, as a leader, in making virtual work rock. In this interactive session, you will learn about asynchronous work and support teams in implementing asynchronous work.

Growing Engagement

When your teams are engaged in their work, they will surprise you repeatedly with the value they deliver. In this session, you will learn how to support co-workers in discovering what drives them. You, as a leader, don’t need to motivate teams but grow a system where they can motivate themselves. Learn from others what you can do to support your teams and learn how to create a tailor-made engagement program for your co-workers.

Leading Change

Change is inevitable. Change is the only certainty nowadays. In this interactive session, you will learn about different change models and combine them to support your change. People don’t mind change; they don’t like to be changed. Together we will learn about what could work in a change project and learn about one of the most powerful practices of Management 3:0: The Change Management Game.

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Why this Online Summer Masterclass is for YOU

The Summer Masterclass Management 3.0 is interesting for all professionals who work with or in teams. If you work, for example, as Scrum Master, People Manager, Agile Coach, Team Leader, Project Lead, this could be your ahaaa-workshop of summer 2021. Take this opportunity to grow as a professional and be ready to help your teams create value!

What can you expect in this workshop?

The sessions are scheduled on a Friday. An excellent, and relaxing way, to close the week!

The dates are:

  • 2nd July, Empowering your Teams
  • 9th July, Leading Remote Teams
  • 16th July, Growing Engagement
  • 23rd July, Leading Change

The time slots are, the same for every Friday:

  • 14:30- 16:00 CEST
  • 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM BRT
  • 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM EST

When you buy tickets for all four sessions, you will get a set of Delegation Poker Cards, Moving Motivator Cards, Change Management Game, and hardcopy of Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences by Ralph van Roosmalen.

About your Facilitator: Ralph van Roosmalen

Ralph van Roosmalen helps teams create value. He has more than 24 years of experience in international management roles, such as Scrum Master, Agile Coach, VP Software Development, Change Manager. He is the founder of The Art of Teams community, former CEO of Management 3.0, speaker, and author of many blog posts and books, like Doing It – Management 3.0 Experiences and 40 Ideas to spice up your retrospective. He is devoted to helping teams create value while experiencing happiness at work.

Practical Information

Maybe your question is already answered below? If not please reach out to Ralph.

Can I only attend one session?

Sure, that is possible. However, you will miss a lot of useful information from the other sessions. So why not buy the Premium ticket to have full access to all sessions, and get one session for free?

Can I get a recording of the session?

No, as the session are all interactive, with breakout rooms, it has no value to record the session.

Can I become Management 3.0 facilitator by attending the Online Summer Masterclass Management 3.0?

No, sorry that is not allowed. You can read all about how to come facilitator on this Management 3.0 page.

I already attended a Management 3.0 workshop, is this interesting for me?

It could be. Please reach out to Ralph, and discuss. We only want you to attend when it has added value for you!

What are the prerequisites for the Summer masterclass Management 3.0?

It would help if you have a good internet connection, at least 15 Mbps—a quiet place to attend, and possibly a good headset. Make sure you have access to Zoom and Miro. You don’t need to do any homework before or during the summer masterclass; attend with an open mind and be curious.

Will I get a certificate or badge?

Yes, you will get an official Management 3.0 Certificate and badge. You can also create your own personal Management 3.0 Profile page and show off your new accomplishments!

Are the Summer Masterclasses online or in-person?

The Summer Masterclass Management 3.0 are online. This will allow most people to attend.

Which language will you use?

Dutch or English. Dutch when all attendees speak Dutch, otherwise it will be English. The materials will all be in English.

“Ralph immediately created an atmosphere of openness and willingness to learn and discuss experiences.”

Martijn van de Haterd, attend the Fundamentals Online Workshop in January 2021


Remember, register for four sessions and get one free. The fee for attending one session is 110 euros (ex VAT), attend four sessions for just 330 (ex VAT) euros, and get free perks!

When you sign up before June 25th, you will get a free ticket for the Forward Webinars 2021 organized by Management 3.0!

You will be invoiced as soon as the sessions are confirmed. Payments in the Netherlands can be made by wire transfer. Payments outside the Netherlands will go via Paypal. Payments need to be done before the Summer Masterclass Management 3.0 begins.

This is a confirmed event. The maximum number of attendees is 20 per session.

    Which session would like to register for (all prices are EX VAT)?

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