Agile Strides offer different kind of workshops. The workshops are always fun, interactive and customized to the attendees needs.

The workshops that we for example offer are:


The workshops are structured using the concept of Teaching from the back of the Room. Using Sharon Bowman’s 4Cs structure, I create workshops that will be effective and they will be fun. The 4Cs are easy to describe, as you’ll see below.

“Highly knowledgeable, evidently highly experienced, easy going, professional, adaptive, humorous and fun.”

Ilan Kirschenbaum (Practical Agile)


Imagine yourself entering a training room, wanting to learn something. How do you feel, still at the door? Excited? Anxious? Slightly plan-less? Bored in advance?

I enable learners to make connections, as early as possible. Connections with other learners. Connections to the topic. Connections to learning objectives. Connections to personal goals.

“Good structure of the presentation, clear and good practices that can be used in every day situations at work, music during the training and workshop was very interesting and I liked that very much.”

Milena Trkulja

Training Concepts

Ask yourself how many slides you can endure before you really really really want to start doing and practicing something yourself. Therefore, I use a minimal set of slides, and only when it really adds value above using flipcharts.

“Great communicator, knew how to handle certain unpleasant moments during the workshop (when some participants had unrealistic expectations), good story-teller.”

Daniel Dichiu (Bitdefender)

Concrete Practice during the Workshop

Competition and fear of failure have no place in a workshop. Collaboration and the joy of failure have. As soon as learners become afraid, bail out and keep watching others (or the trainers) demonstrate something, you can tell that workshop has gone astray. Therefore, I use exercises in small groups where you can safely learn how to use the tools and translate the theory into practice.

“Great drawing skills, good English, easy to follow him”

Andrada Popescu (Mozaic Works)


At the end of every topic we do a debrief, or even if possible the learners do a debrief. There is so much knowledge already present in the group. During the debrief we share the present knowledge and how this relates to the new topics.

I feel that workshop was successful when participants feel torn between the urge to celebrate with the others and the urge to run home immediately and try out what they’ve learned. It is not about theory, it is about practical things.