1-Day Workout for Startup Teams and Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is great, being able to realize your ideas and build great products or services. Applying Lean Startup principles to make sure you constant innovate and create a radical successful business.

But as soon as your company grows… you will encounter the first challenges. Challenges related not directly to your product but to your team and organization. You want to do great stuff, not be bothered by management stuff… What to do?

Culture eats anything for breakfast – You don’t probably don’t need managers but management will be required. As Twitter’s co-founder , Biz Stone, says in this HBR article: “A culture is going to form whether you like it or not, and if you pay attention to it, you can craft something that makes the company stronger.” As entrepreneur you will need to work on your company culture, together with your team!

Empowering your team? – When you start your business, it is easy, you decide on everything. When you start growing you need to start making decisions about who to hire, how to hire, how to distribute payment, how transparent you would like to be, etc. You would like to involved your team, be transparent about decisions.

Mission and purpose? – The thing most investors are looking for is a strong team, that has vision and can properly scale a company with good management skills. Yes they have to believe in your product, but without a team to develop and grow it, it won’t fly.

When you look at the 20 top reasons startups fails you will see that good management is important. Not talking about hiring managers but about talking about for example about energizing people, empowering of teams, setting clear goals, hiring great people, working on your culture and values, having a clear mission and purpose.

In this workshop you will learn about tools and practices that can really help your startup business. A one day workshop, covering the challenges that you will face as owner of a small company.

Topics that can be on the agenda are:

  • How to delegate and empower teams?
  • How to work on values and grow a culture?
  • How to discover your meaning and purpose?
  • How to organize Hackathon Exploration Days?
  • How to make team members happy?
  • How to stimulate creativity and innovation?
  • How to set up rewards and incentives?
  • How to provide feedback?
  • How to set up good metrics?

The workshop will be customized, attendees will decide together on the order and what we will discuss.

Workshop Management Tools
Workshop Management Tools

Goal of the workshop is to share Modern Management practices with you, that you can start using the next day in your team! Tools that can help you to create a company that people want to work for! The workshop is highly interactive and no PowerPoint is used!

Practical details

  • Training will be in Dutch unless non-Dutch speakers are attending in that case training will be in English
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance
  • No laptop required!
  • Attendees will receive digital copies of all used materials

If you are interested in the possibilities of a workshop, please contact me or look here for a training close to you. It is also possible to do the workshop in-house.

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