Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop

Learn all about the Management basics in this online workshop!

The number of remote teams is increasing. Corona forced many teams to work remotely overnight. However, there are more reasons that the number of remote teams is increasing. For example, challenges in finding the right people in your region, commute times that are increasing and people expect the flexibility to work anywhere!

The moment team members don’t share the same coffee machine, they are working remotely

One team member working regularly from home already creates a remote team. As also a team that is working in a flex-office and is spread over different floors. Remote teams are not just the teams that are spread over the globe working from exotic locations.

Remote teams can be as successful as co-located teams, or even more successful!

About the Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop

Remote Teams

This new Management 3.0 Workshop is designed for everyone who works with remote teams! Learn about how to give feedback in a remote environment, learn about how to lead remote teams, learn about facilitating remote meetings!

The workshop is designed to be given online. The tools, exercises, and agenda are optimized for an online workshop. As also the structure of the workshop. I don’t expect you to sit in front of your monitor for eight hours! The workshop is split into four sessions.

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Who should attend the Fundamentals Online Workshop

This new Management 3.0 Workshop is designed for everyone who works with remote teams!

Management is a responsibility of everyone, this is even more true in remote teams. Therefore, this workshop is intended for team members who work remotely. As also for managers and leaders who need to manage remote teams. Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters who need to coach remote teams. As also Human Resource Professionals who need to support their organization.

Structure of the new Management 3.0 Fundamentals Workshop

By attending this workshop you learn and experience:

  • Different management and leadership styles, which fit in which context;
  • The principles of Management 3.0;
  • Why there is a need for a management and leadership approach;
  • How to learn about what motivates your team, and how to increase motivation and engagement;
  • Tools and insights to empower your teams. How to get them self-organizing;
  • How to lead and manage remote teams. Including power tips of the Management 3.0 Team;
  • How to give feedback to each other if you work in different time-zones and remote teams;
  • Learn about celebration, what do you celebrate, success or failure?

Every session is 2,5 hours, including breaks. At the end of every session we discuss what you can try out before the next session. The advantage of the Fundamentals Online Workshop is that there is time to experiment with the practices you learn, and reflect on how you used them between the different sessions.

Differences between the Foundation and Fundamentals Online Workshop

The Fundamentals Online Workshop is created to support remote teams. It has different modules as the Foundation Workshop. In the Fundamentals Online Workshop you will learn about remote teams, and also giving feedback using the feedback wraps. Topics that are not part of the Foundation.

Coaching in using Practices

I also offer tickets including coaching. In the coaching sessions, we will do one call between the sessions to discuss your personal challenges by implementing the practices. The calls will be 45-60 minutes. Please reach out if you would like more information about the coaching option.

Practical details

  • You will need a laptop or computer.
  • A webcam is required. There will be a lot of interaction between the attendees.
  • A headset is strongly recommended, especially when you are in a room with other people.
  • Internet connection of at least 10mbps
  • A quiet place to attend the workshop, not a Starbucks.
  • Attending this workshop you will receive the Certificate of Attendance of the Fundamentals Online Workshop. This will allow you not to become a Management 3.0 Facilitator. If this is important for you, please contact me to discuss the options.
  • By attending this workshop you will get a 20% discount on the Certificate of Practice

Check out the training schedule if you want to attend the Fundamentals Online Workshop and learn how to manage and lead remote teams!

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