Workshop Get Started with Agile and Scrum

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Modern Organizations need to be able to adapt quickly, change priorities when needed and empower teams.

This workshop is all about experiencing in an interactive environmetn what it is to work Agile and be Agile.

In a simulation, with first a bit of theory, you will experience what is to work in a Scrum Team. This is the perfect workshop for people who would like to know what Scrum and Agile is about, but are not directly involved in the new way of working.

The Workshop Get Started with Agile and Scrum helps teams new to Scrum to experience Scrum. Not a boring, long theoretically workshop but a hands-on workshop.

Everyone can attend the Workshop Get Started with Scrum, it is not about software development. It can be done by HR professionals, managers, sales organizations, etc.

Practical Details

  • Materials will be in English
  • Language can be English or Dutch
  • Only flipcharts, no PowerPoint
  • No laptop required
  • Attendees will receive digital copies of all used material
  • Duration is 4-8 hours, depending on the exact requirements
  • Maximum 15 people per workshop

Interested or you just want to have some more information? Just contact me.

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