Work Together Anywhere

Technology is making the traditional 9-to-5 grind less necessary. Mobile devices, centralized data and all kinds of apps and software are helping us stay connected wherever we are. So naturally, this creates new possibilities for increased work–life freedom, as more and more of us can work remotely.

What are the benefits of working from home? What makes people happy working from anywhere? Lisette Sutherland, a subject matter expert in remote working, interviewed more than 80 remote teams, and in those interviews, four main themes emerged:

  1. Long and cumbersome commute
  2. Be flexible in creating your own schedules
  3. Decide yourself where to create your own spaces
  4. Freedom to choose our work

Besides the personal reasons, there are also other reasons to work from anywhere.

wta-flyer-a4It is getting harder and harder to find good team members in local markets. Organizations need to grow their teams to cope with the demand and handle the fast changing market. Organizations need to look abroad for new team members, fly in new team members, nearshore or off-shore.

Going remotely with your team, department or even your organization is a big step and has a big impact on your team. How do you build trust? Is recruitment different? How do you set up communication, do you need to change your process? These are questions that you need to answer to make working from anywhere a success.

The first value of the agile manifesto is “Individuals and Interactions over Process and Tools”, which we should read as encouraging us to prioritize getting the best people we can on the team and helping them work well together. – Martin Fowler

With more than 10 years of experience in Distributed Software Development and as as a licensed Collaboration Superpowers facilitator, I can help you improving remote working in your organization.

Feel free to contact me and we can meet to have a cup of coffee and discuss your remote working challenges.