Work Together Anywhere Workshop

wta-flyer-a4In the Work Together Anywhere Workshop you will learn and share experiences related to distributed working. In the workshop we will discuss four topics:

  1. Why make agreements so explicit in a distributed environment
  2. How to simulate the office online
  3. How to create a meeting experience like you’re co-located
  4. How to give feedback in distributed environment and improve continuously

This workshop is based on many best practices and more than 80 interviews with experts working in remote environments. The latest insights in remote working are  incorporated in this workshop.

Set expectations for how to work together

pink-logo-300x300Avoid people make assumptions and help the team grow a strong culture for working together

Every team is unique, has different values and therefore a different culture. When you start working with distributed team, it will happen that team members will make assumptions, that people have misunderstandings, etc. How do you prevent this? How do you make sure team members are on the same page? In this first module, we will dive into the process for creating virtual team agreements.

You will learn:

  • How to establish a basic set of guidelines for working together on a remote team
  • Common communication protocols for remote working
  • Tools for capturing team agreements

Simulate the office

green-logo-200x200Help the remote team working together by simulating the “human-ness” that you have when working co-located.

It is so easy to “forget” remote team members or even remote teams. Remote teams will need to work harder to make sure everyone feel part of the team. You will need to create a virtual office where team members can work together. In this module we will explore the various tools and techniques we can use to simulate the office, online.

You will learn:

  • How to create a high bandwidth workspace
  • Tools that allow you to communicate reliably
  • Techniques for keeping everyone on the same page

Host pain free online meetings

blue-logo-200x200Discover how you can help your team in setting up and doing great virtual meetings that they will positively remember.

Do you still start every meeting with the question “Can you hear me?” and then you need five minutes to configure the software and hardware? Do you wonder if all team members are really engaged in a virtual meeting? In this module you will learn the basics for how to setup and facilitate virtual meetings.

You will learn:

  • How to choose and effectively use online meeting technology
  • Common communication protocols for effective remote meetings
  • How to facilitate interaction and participation, and minimize distractions and multi-tasking

Give and receive feedback

black-logo-200x200Learn how to give and receive feedback on both small and big things to inspire continuous improvement.

Giving and receiving feedback is important for the success of every team. However, you do you give and receive feedback in distributed teams?  We all know email is a bad medium but what other options do you have in virtual teams?  Furthermore, how do you create a team that will continuous improve? In this module, we will dive into how to set a pattern for honest and useful feedback on your remote team.

You will learn:

  • Techniques for rapid, continuous feedback
  • How to set up 360 degree feedback systems so that colleagues and managers can more frequently measure each others performance
  • Tools for showing appreciation
  • How to conduct remote retrospectives

Interested or you just want to have some more information about what is possible? Just contact me.