Workshop Get Started with Scrum

IMG_20150924_094610-COLLAGE (1)A good Agile process is essential for having a successful Distributed development team. Scrum is a project framework that fits perfectly in a distributed team set-up. For example the stand-up meetings can improve the communication, retrospective meetings can be used to review how teams work together and the required transparency in Scrum can help teams and managers to get an overview of how the project and teams are doing.

The Workshop Get Started with Scrum helps teams new to Scrum to experience Scrum. Not a boring, long theoretically workshop but a hands-on workshop. The workshop fits perfectly in the migration from being not agile to become agile.

Everyone can attend the Workshop Get Started with Scrum, it is not about software development. It can be done by HR professionals, managers, sales organizations, etc.

Settings and Pricing

  • Goal: Experience really what Scrum is about
  • Who: Teams who want to learn about Scrum, Managers who would like to experience what Scrum is
  • Where: On premise or any other location
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Costs: Team (max 8)  €2000

Interested or you just want to have some more information? Just contact me.

Some feedback from customers:

  • “Fun, Team Building, Instructive!”
  • “Very valuable. Good tips and useful info. “
  • “Love lego”